Bosu Ball

We production and sales Bosu Ball/Bosu Balance Trainer in China, our bosu ball made of Eco friendly materials and can bear the greatest weight 200KG,It can be using at home, outdoor, gym. 

The bosu ball training is truly unique balance,core stability and proprioception training device that can be integrated with all types of fitness training,or stand alone as an outstanding functional can walk,run,step,hop,jump and leap on the ball body.

The benefits of using the BOSU ball

Bosu ball can enhance the sense of balance
by the instability of the people can exercise core muscles, enhance the sense of balance!

Bosu ball can make more slender, while strengthening muscles
To maintain balance, we must focus on efforts to control the muscles, so as to achieve weight loss, body effect!

Bosu ball can adjust the incorrect posture
Through exercise of the core parts of the body, so that the spine becomes soft and flexible, improve the body lines. There are good results for correction of the neck!

Bosu ball can be used for rehabilitation
BOSU ball also has a certain effect of rehabilitation. Some knee joint trample bad, right exercises can alleviate the symptoms!