Gym Ball

Adhere to 20 minutes a day

Gym ball action daily diet can promote blood circulation. On the waist and abdomen, back and other parts of the body play a role in shaping reduce fat



About our Gym ball

Our Gym ball Using the latest research barrier-type explosion-proof technology
The inside wall of the sphere barrier film technology, when the ball meets sharp objects can puncture when tightly pulled broken edges, in order to play a role in explosion

Gym ball using cooling shaping technology
Mold cooling stereotypes, stereotypes inflatable 36 hours, no deformation does not leak


Gym ball with environmentally friendly materials PVG
Nontoxic, essentially enhance the safety factor of Gym ball, environmental health, zero harm to the human body, recyclable and biodegradable.

Gym ball thickening compression 2MM thick wall ball
Thickening of the wall thickness can fight any squeeze, so that you exercise is secure, the ball wall to reduce 0.1MM, ball bearing and safety indicators will be a great fall.

Ultimate compressive load two tons
Experimental Vehicles BMW 740LI, body weight plus the driver a total of 2050kg, you no longer have to worry about burst.

Professional team
Safety yoga fitness ball, we know more roundabout 3000 degrees high temperature technology to create a uniform wall thickness, cooling and shaping technology, never deformation