X-Shape Expander

We production and sales X-Shape Expander (8-Shape Expander) in China, X-Shape Expander (8-Shape Expander) can help you do stretching exercises at home, not only can consume fat at the arm, but also effectively promote the healthy development of breast, breast to achieve a good effect, effectively reduce the fatigue of a day's work, exercise perfect body contours. And compact, easy to carry, suitable for office and home use, yoga practitioners aids, anytime, anywhere, fitness is no longer a problem! !

X-Shape Expander (8-Shape Expander) can exercise for all parts of the body, easy to use, easy to carry, the effect is significant, physical fitness is a good helper. Especially for the prevention of cervical spondylosis and lumbar shoulder pain have positive control effects.
X-Shape Expander (8-Shape Expander) you can pull positive, anti-pull, cable-stayed, on the drop-down, like how to how to pull the pull to make you strong, bodybuilding, breast, showing healthy and beautiful, from now on!