Yoga Mat

How to pick a good yoga mat?

1. Is it easy flat
When yoga mat tile on the floor, is it easy flat

2. Is it easy to slip
It will not be easy to slip, especially after sweating

3. Is it easy to carry
Travel or go out to practice, it is easy to be rolled band

4. Is the use of environmentally friendly materials
Its material is environmentally friendly, and when human contact is harmful 




About Our yoga mat

Environmental NBR Material
Pregnant women, infants are applicable

Inhibiting the growth of bacteria
Antibacterial layer surface increases, effectively inhibit bacterial growth, eliminate skin allergies

Super slip
6 times grip, non-slip stripes positive encryption irregularities, grip the body six times, to effectively prevent pad displacement movement appears

Ultra High Rebound
0.03 seconds ultra-high-speed rebound 900,000 + high-density molecular decided mat super performance, the greater the density, the faster the rebound, durability stronger

Thicker honeycomb foam
Thick design effective mitigation strong impact, provide sufficient buffer force to avoid sports injuries, Germany Closed cellular foam technology, acoustic noise canceling

Soft and comfortable
Excellent touch lets you enjoy the joy of movement, using high-quality multi-functional fitness mat material, tactile, soft and comfortable